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Find what you are looking for instantly within thousands of documents using our brand new search algorithm.

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Doclight vs Spotlight
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Become the master of your documents

Ordinary search tools just give you a bunch of document list and you make same search in these documents again and again. Doclight shows you the page you are looking for instantly. You don't waste time opening and checking documents one by one.

Instant Show

You directly see the resulting page.

Page Rank

Calculates ranks for every page of your documents and find the most related one

Keyword Distance

Sort results according to keyword distances on pages

Importance Order

Headers and big fonts are calculated with high rank values.

Fast Navigation

You navigate instantly between resulting documents and pages


Narrate documents to search simply filtering names for precise results

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Become hero of your meetings answering all questions immediately. You reach the information in your documents so fast that everyone will think you already know it.


Boost up your researches and improve your productivity with Doclight. You will be surprized when you realize how much time you were wasting within your documents.


Spend time for yourself and your family instead of trying to find something inside hundreds of your documents strugling while opening and closing documents one by one.

Supported Documents


Text Documents


Microsoft Office and iWork Documents

Word, Excel, Power Point / Pages, Keynote, Numbers

These office documents needs to be converted to PDF for indexing and instant show. This conversion is done Online and doesn't require any Office application installed on your personal computer.